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Jun 21, 2017

Episode 12 is here and it features my chat with Glasgow based singer/songwriter RM Hubbert. Hubby won the Scottish Album of the Year Award back in 201 with his second record 'Thirteen Lost and Found' and has once again made the shortlist this year for his latest album 'Telling the Trees', both of which feature collaborations with a number of successful artists such as Aidan Moffat, Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand) and previous podcast guest Kathryn Joseph. 

Hubby was nice enough to sit down with me on a sunny Sunday evening in Glasgow, in the beer garden of the very pub where Begbie threw the pint glass in 'Trainspotting'. We talked about flamenco guitar, Hubby's life and career, mental health, Scottish music and a few other things. A massive thanks to Hubby for taking the time out to speak so candidly to me about his mental health. 

Please note that this podcast contains conversation about depression and suicide. 

Find out more about RM Hubbert at the links below 

Twitter: @rmhubbert