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Nov 21, 2017

Hello! Episode 27 of MOOD SWINGS is here and it features the second conversation I was lucky enough to record on my recent trip to London, with the legendary Gail Porter! Gail has worked extensively in TV and Radio, featuring on shows such as The Big Breakfast, Top of the Pops, Dead Famous and much more. Over the years, Gail has made no secret of her troubles with mental health and is as honest and open as they come, making the chance to sit down with her and talk mental health absolutely incredible. We also discussed travel, Gail's career and a whole lot more. Massive thanks to Gail for giving up her time. 

Keep up with Gail at: 

Twitter: @gailporter 

Instagram: @iamgailporter 

Please note this podcast contains conversation on the topics of self harm and anorexia.